Friday, March 6, 2015

Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero

March 7, MGM Grand, Las Vegas

By Peter Lim

Everything matches up evenly with both these guys including Thurman's youth against Guerrero's experience. But styles make fights and forward-moving boxer-punchers are typically more vulnerable to bait-and-blast exponents than vice-versa.
The more aggressive Guerrero is, the more exposed he will leave himself to Thurman's punishing counters. Should Guerrero choose to exercise caution and box tactically from the outside, which he certainly has the capacity to do, it will be a closer, albeit less exciting, fight. But Guerrero's machismo will get the better of him and play directly into Thurman's hands.
Guerrero will make adjustments in the middle rounds and find some success in countering Thurman's counters from his southpaw stance but Thurman will also adjust and continue to get the better of the exchanges. Thurman will win a lopsided decision that doesn't reflect the closeness of most of the rounds in what turns out to be a spirited and suspense-filled fight.


Thurman's cannon of a right hand might be the most overlooked fight-ending punch in the game. Anyone other than Guerrero would have wilted.

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