Friday, July 10, 2015

Keith Thurman vs. Luis Collazo

USF Sundome,Tampa, FL, July 11
By Peter Lim 

Luis Collazo represents the rare middle-class in a boxing, a third-world country of sports where the rich are filthy rich and everyone else is dirt poor with very little in between the two classes. As the anointed gatekeeper of the welterweight division and a much sought-after sparring partner, he never has to look very far for his next paycheck. Win, lose or draw, Collazo always comes to fight.

But Thurman is the real deal, and as he proved against Robert Guerrero, he has little difficulty against southpaws. Collazo will bring the best out of Thurman like he does with all his opponents, and Thurman's best is good enough to comfortably outpoint the tough New Yorker over 12 rounds.

Collazo deserves the benefit of the doubt here based on his all his previous gutsy performances.

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