Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deontay Wilder vs. Johann Duhaupas

Legacy Arena, Birmingham, AL, Sept. 26
By Peter Lim

If military rankings applied to boxing, this would be analogous to a colonel versus a staff sergeant. Vulnerabilities were exposed in Deaotay Wilder's fights against Berman Stiverne and Eric Molina, namely, it doesn't take much to close the distance against him. But while savvy sluggers like Alexander Povetkin and an in-shape Chris Arreola might be able to exploit those weaknesses, Dehaupas appears to be a notch or two below that income bracket.

Wilder's fight plan is predictable yet effective. He punches holes in Duhaupas' fortifications with hard and soft jabs while strategically unleashing the heavy artillery with his straight right. Like a good soldier, Duhaupas bravely chugs forward but he simply lacks the firepower or battlefield experience to inflict any significant damage. Battered and beaten, the Frenchman finally raises the white flag in the tenth round.

Once again, this one unfolded (almost) exactly as predicted. I'm getting good at this: my record stands at 35-7 since I started this Premonitions blog in January.

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