Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jermell Charlo vs. Joachim Alcine

NRG Arena, Houston, Texas, Oct. 31
TV: NBC Sports 
By Peter Lim

Nothing brings the beast out of boxers than good old-fashioned sibling rivalry, and such will be the case with Jermell Charlo. Jermell's identical twin Jermall won an alphabet belt last month with an emphatic four-knockdown third-round stoppage over Cornelius Bundrage last month, and Jermell is eager to steal some thunder away from his older-by-a-minute brother.

Despite his less-than-impressive 42 percent knockout rate, Charlo can punch when he puts his mind to it. Bent on making a statement with a new gym and new trainer, that's exactly what he will do against Alcine in front of his hometown fans. Normally a cool and calculated technician, Charlo will tear into the Hatian-Canadian with reckless abandon and stop him with a three punch combo in the third round.

To his credit, Jermell Charlo was more patient and methodical than I anticipated but the end result was still a dominating knockout win. Expect Jermell and Jermall to make ripples, together and as single entities, in the 154-pound division in the next few years. Prediction: at least one of the twins would have fought Canelo by the end of 2016. 

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