Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jermall Charlo vs. Wilky Campfort

The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX, Nov. 28
By Peter Lim

The winner of this fight simply boils down to whose jab is first to find its target, and it will be Charlo's. Both are composite boxer-punchers with sound fundamentals, but Charlo's long jolting jabs allows him to dictate the action and eventually impose his will on Campfort.

Campfort is most dangerous when he is hurt and when he catches his opponents napping, but Charlo is cerebral enough of a fighter to avoid making reckless rookie mistakes. Campfort also has the propensity to get the upper hand against stationary fighters who sit in the pocket and trade, but Charlo is just not that kind of guy.

By the fourth round Charlo's thumping jabs pave the way for damaging straight rights and left hooks. The writing is on the wall, but the determined and durable Haitian stubbornly refuses to yield and resorts to rushing Charlo in an attempt to lure him into a phone booth war. Charlo, though, sticks to his game plan, spins out of the danger zone and stops Campfort with a left-right-left in the eighth round.

There hasn't been a jab as destructive as Charlo's since Mark Breland in his heyday. It's a weapon that inflicts damage in and of itself and not just a punch to set up other power shots.

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