Thursday, March 3, 2016

Luis Ortiz vs. Tony Thompson

DC Armory, Washington, DC, March 5
By Peter Lim

Don't be fooled by Ortiz's neanderthal physique. While he looks like a caveman and often fights like one, there are more cerebral dimensions to his game than just clubbing the daylights out of his opponents. The Cuban southpaw is adept at fighting from a distance or up close and personal and utilizing creative angles while punching in educated combinations. Built like a tank and with a tree trunk for a neck, Ortiz (24-0, 21 KOs) is deceivingly agile and fleet footed.

Thompson (40-6, 27 KOs) might be a step down from Ortiz last opponent Bryant Jennings, but he nevertheless represents a seasoned heavyweight gatekeeper against whom Ortiz can showcase his entire arsenal. The 44-year-old veteran might trouble Ortiz for a round or two with his pesky jab and one-twos but it won't take long for Ortiz to figure him out, bully him on the inside and stop him in six rounds.

Another spot on prediction.


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