Sunday, January 25, 2015

Premonitions: Rocky Juarez vs. Robinson Castellanos

By Peter Lim

Rocky Juarez vs. Robinson Castellanos
Jan. 26, Cowboys Dance Hall, San Antonio, Texas
TV: Fox Sports

Pick: Juarez

Unless Juarez steps into the ring at anywhere less than 75 percent capacity even at this late stage of his career, this fight will be a mismatch. Juarez is almost never in an easy fight, but this will be the one exception. Simply put, Castellanos' street-fighting style is custom made for Juarez.

Anyone who stands in the pocket and trades with Juarez is just looking for trouble and Castellanos doesn't know how to fight any other way. In addition, he punches wide like a back-alley brawler, leaving himself open to shorter, sharper leads and counters.

Look for Juarez to end the fight with a single left hook somewhere between rounds four and seven.

Read the preview of the fight in The Houston Chronicle


Once again, couldn't have been more wrong. How could Juarez have looked so rejuvenated against the guy who dismantled and destroyed Castellanos and so shopworn against Castellanos himself?

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